Lingfei Song

About me

hi, glad to meet you!

My obsession has always been to bring ideas to life, through creative and pragmatic problem sovling, both in design and in technology. Meanwhile being an independent maker, I value simple and iterative process to ship fast and ship often.


Given a vision on a product or marketing site, I could help designing or revising the user experience, more on the functional and interactive fronts than the graphical.


My current day to day builder’s toolbox includes Trello, Figma, React/Javascript, Golang. Libraries, cloud services are integrated where fit best. Also a fluent linux operator that could help with hosting.

The computer I’m using is my 5th macbook.

GMT+8 is my base timezone but I like to work while traveling.

Browse Slides for recent client works where I help with either deisgn or code or both:

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